Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mars Water: Brought to you by......

They are certain Mars has water. The Mars rover, Opportunity, has found a vein of water deposited material. They have named the vein "Homestake."

The names they assign these things are telling, "Opportunity" and "Homestake." So we sent something to Mars named Opportunity. Opportunity for what? Sure, sure. I know they would say, "An opportunity for new discoveries and furthering the exploration of blah, blah, blah." Nobody in the United States seems interested in pure research or furthering ourselves as humans unless there is a big monetary payoff. So really what did they think they would find? What commodity were they looking for? And the vein of water is "Homestake," as in, someone has a "stake" in what happens to the the water. 

I hate that I can't even get excited that we have "discovered" something new on Mars. Down in my bones, I know better. Perhaps in a few years we will all be enjoying pure Mars DuPont-Exxon Water.

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