Saturday, December 3, 2011

Polar Coke Tastes Different!

Coke launched "Artic Home" to raise awareness and funds for the polar bear, but Coke is discontinuing its "Artic Home" campaign early. The problem, some say, is that the silver polar bear cans look too similar to the silver Diet Coke cans. So people were grabbing a real Coke thinking that they were buying Diet Coke.

This is not the deeper problem. The polar bear Coke tastes wrong! It is not real Coke. I drink way too much Coke, and I can say without question the polar bear Coke in the white cans does not taste like the real Coke in the red cans. The polar bear Coke has a light, metallic taste, whereas the REAL red Coke has a big, sweet, full-bodied flavor.

This reminds me of 1985 when Coke changed it's formula. My mom was completely addicted to Coke and completely freaked out at the thought of not being able to buy her precious mead. She bought cases of real Coke before the release of the new formula. She had so many cases, I remember them being stacked nearly to the ceiling in her bedroom. Of course, Coke brought back the old formula, and we drank the Coke from her hoarded stash for months. When the bedroom Coke was gone, I must admit I felt exposed.


  1. You are correct, the new cans Home Polar Coke the taste is watery, weak and less carbonation. On another web site there was a argument about the color of the cans red or white and some political issues, but except for my comments no one mentioned the terrible taste. God help us if they try to change the taste like in the 80's. Pray!

  2. I agree, it doesn't have that unique quality that coke cola had before the "Polar Bear" cans came on the market. Does this mean Coke is changing its reciepe again? If so so they lost me as a consumer.