Saturday, July 30, 2011

Archangel Gabriel Feathers For Sale

I was curious after yesterday's post to see what relics I could find for sale. Found this great post:
"In 1995, the Archangel Gabriel descended from heaven and announced that a lasting peace was coming to Northern Ireland. He appeared at a number of sites, including the slopes of Sliabh Sneachta here in Co. Donegal. I was a witness to this apparition.
The weather was inclement and as the Archangel ascended again into heaven, many feathers were blown from his wings. The other people present and I collected as many of these feathers as we could find and I have over 100 of these feathers at home.
These feathers have brought me nothing but good fortune since I took them home all those years ago. I have found true love and fathered a child with my soul-mate, become a success in my chosen field and been able to start a foundation to help starving orphans in Co. Offaly.
2 nights ago, the Archangel came to me in a dream and told me I must travel all over this island to spread his message of brotherly love. He told me I must buy a new car and to do this, I must sell some of his feathers to other believers so that they too can receive his blessing upon their lives.

These are genuine feathers from the wings of the Archangel Gabriel and will bring you success and goodwill just as these blessings were brought to me.

You may PM me for payment and shipping details.

Do not miss out on this incredible oppurtunity to own a genuine angel feather.

Yours in love and light,

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