Thursday, January 26, 2012

Found Spam Poem with some line breaks and a little editing

Geese migrate on their incredibly individual phrases
and at their very own chosen situations
We have absolutely no conduite
basically on the alien at the rear of a canada goose
mainly due to the fact a consecutive earthmark uses
outstanding information on the way to place your goose decoys
form ‘Goose Decoys’ and a hipster however may go
for just a distressed leather or splash
calm colours or a funky belt buckle
hooded Canada Goose
even if it is really indoors
takes it down.
Come forth with jackets.
A few canada geese employed
by taking some productive time to enjoy the aspect
of typical points, an easier strategy
than setting up bird netting or a bird fence in close proximity
to the water’s edge to prevent motivated
motion in the birds.
Along with the support of their handlers
herd and drive the geese off parachutes
camping tent fundamentals of getting a terrific offer
In addition to get employed in the course of the rain
work on your goose feet all day more often

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