Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Found Poem from Spam (some minor editing)

Austin, computer swabbing from his sunflowers, scarred instead his pastime with the gun.
He put the opposite face, raw for screens.
Of only old dropped they said reaching the first.
Then learned she the back north physical!
My merchants before the viagra pointed reproachfully
to bring she into no round of wreckage. He took in the pill,
dying cheap viagra didn’t help with pretty terri,
she hesitated to keep as the twisted first animals. Being her,
to make beneath my people, them felt its cases and said a corner
and two of a foil. Grimly told of  a routine inche. And she panned
been luckier of his estimate. Side for as the good viagra and toward a soft door.
If that guest at caribbean, of a fog of limp – viagra and butler power,
chartrukian walls went at both streets. Filing about its memories
had the recollection on immobile beams but sails. Hers is their ant.
Garrison flayed tied its tired – viagra entrance again like so to be the eyes.
He want to say to a tilted. El will once answer crushing instead. The travel at cloud,
act i’ve asked. And that’s modified spanish. Up, and its viagra, wrote I
for the real viagra, camping up in her anus or sizzling beneath the hoof while I started.
And she returned being had completely.  Ones he can crack into door but revulsion.
New name baron of the duration to five,’ know sound only. All held gone over alone.
I am an earlier aircraft.

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