Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Balloon Fetish -10 Minute Writing

What would start this? Could it be those balloon rooms that kids play in? Are there child molesters that actually do sick shit to kids with balloons? Are there just a few men that molest kids with balloons that have made this widespread? Maybe it was just one man. So many diseases are spread by just one guy. But if this was spread by just one guy, what happened to him? Did he start masturbating with balloons? Was a balloon taken away from him? Did he associate breasts with balloons?
Aside from the sexual aspect, I wonder if there are people who just like to pop balloons. When they see them, do they have to hold themselves back? Are there people who have rushed a balloon vendor in a city park and attacked his balloons? Were they arrested?


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  2. see the link for more examples of balloon fetish

  3. you have the most retarded ignorant writing.