Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cattle Women

Feb- 26 "Virginia officials backed off last week from requiring vaginal ultrasounds before abortions, but state legislators are still expected to pass a bill that mandates abdominal ultrasounds and adds other significant requirements for women seeking abortions.
In recent years, this common diagnostic tool has taken a greater role in abortion-related legislation. Seven states require ultrasounds before abortions. Twenty states regulate some aspect of ultrasound exams, including requiring abortion providers to give women the option to view the image or listen to the fetal heartbeat if an ultrasound is performed."

The War on Women started in 2010. The year right-wing republicans took power in many state houses. Since the republicans swept into local power, anti-women legislation has gone up 20% all over the country.

There is nothing complicated about access to abortion and birth control. It is a choice of simple alternatives: either you believe women are livestock and should be out in the field, or you don't believe women are livestock. I don't believe women are livestock. I think they are human beings. But if you take away their right to control their own bodies, they are livestock.

Let's go over this once more. Here is a photo of women:

Here is a photo of livestock women:

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