Monday, June 13, 2011

Tornadoes Under People's Skin

There was a story that people who survived the tornadoes (I think around Joplin), are now dying of some weird fungal thing. Apparently, the wind blew against their skins so hard, it blew dirt or grit into their bodies and it's causing infections. How hard would the wind have to blow for shit to actually blow into your skin? 
When I was visiting my hometown, my friends and I went on the "disaster tour" of Glade Springs, Virginia. It was nearly wiped off the map. A tornado went down I-81. The landscape I have known all my life has been completely changed. When I first saw Glade, there were gaping holes like missing teeth.  One house had been completely blown away except for the chimney which now has an American flag sticking out of it. A cinder block church that used to have a huge green and orange neon cross is now just a basement. Many houses that are still standing have blue plastic on the roofs. Some homes were half gone and one could look inside and see bathtubs and cans of food still sitting on shelves. They are like those doll houses that open.
I heard Glade is not going to get any FEMA money. Now there are signs stuck in the ground about how you can "own a trailer for $1." God knows what kind of scam that is.

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