Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Helmet Worthy

I don't understand helmets. People make kids wear helmets when they ride bikes and roller skate. HMMMM. Why don't kids have to wear helmets while riding in a car? That seems a lot more dangerous. I was in a bad car accident a couple of years back and I cracked the window with my head. A helmet would have helped. Of course, if would have really helped if I'd been wearing a seat belt.

Anyway, I don't get the whole idea of what we as a society consider "helmet worthy." For example, if you are jumping out of a plane, you have to wear a helmet. Shit! If your parachute didn't open, do you really think a helmet would help? One the other hand, you never seen anyone wearing a helmet when they are jumping on a trampoline. Seems to me that that IS a situation where a helmet might make sense.

There are sports where you are not required to wear helmets, but I think wearing a helmet would be a good idea, like ice skating. It seems like you could get a bad head injury hitting the ice with your head. (remember the movie Ice Castles where the girl skid into the patio furniture and went blind?) Gymnastics. They should wear helmets. It is a good idea to wear a helmet horseback riding (like jockeys and fox hunting), but they wear those goofy light little things. They should wear a motorcycle helmet. Cowboys don't wear helmets and they ride bulls.

I have almost slipped and fallen in my kitchen lots of times. Should I wear a helmet in the house? For that matter, I wonder how many people roll out of bed every year and bust open their heads. So we should wear a sleeping helmet. Is the answer that we should all wear helmets all the time??????

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