Saturday, March 26, 2011

There Is No Time

I don't believe in time. Time is a man made grid created to measure our own mortality. Time only exists to measure the rust on the machines GE produces. Time is how a woman makes sure her period is really happening. But there is no time. The stars and planets just keep on moving. They don't know about our primitive clocks and stopwatches. There is no universal time-keeping device. Even if there is a Universal World Body of Advanced Aliens Species (that would be the UWBAAS), and they set the universe's time according to the turning of some mustard yellow planet a billion years from here, that is still a construct that is only used to measure a specific species' mortality.
I think it's more more glorious than that. Everything keeps spinning. Everything keeps changing and evolving. Nothing is lost. And we are way too tiny to even imagine it.

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