Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rhinestone Cowbody diagnosed with Alzheimer's-10 Minute Writing-Cotton Letters

My friend and I had the "Rhinestone Cowboy" record and played it until the needle just skipped over the whole thing. I think we ended up buying a new one. We came up with some dance routine to it with lots of spinning and singing into pink Tickle roll-on deodorant containers.
I really had trouble understanding lyrics when I was a kid (still do sometimes). One of the lines in Rhinestone Cowboy is "...getting cards and letters from people I don't even know..." I thought he was saying "getting COTTON letters from people I don't even know." I figured there must be some type of expensive letter that was made of cotton that was only sent to EXTREMELY IMPORTANT people, like celebrities or royalty. I couldn't imagine what a thing like that would cost, nor could I imagine how one would begin to write on a cotton letter. I thought that only the letter was cotton, not the envelope. If the envelope was cotton, it would be too floppy to send through the mail. What occasion would call for a cotton letter? Couldn't be when people got married or died. I would have seen one if that had been the case. No. A cotton letter must only be sent if you made it in show business like the Rhinestone Cowboy. Perhaps you got a cotton letter from the record company announcing your song is number 1. Anyway, sorry to hear this about Glen Campbell.

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