Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Eye of the Toilet

A good friend of mine had to take a shit at work. He went to a bathroom that was on a different floor from where he sits. Many people employ this method. The logic being you never want to shit close to the people you work with because you could be tagged with it. So my friend stealthily went to this "secret" bathroom. Even though this bathroom was clean and situated well away from his co-workers, it had one major flaw: a super sensitive automatic flusher. Many times the toilet had actually flushed WHILE he was sitting on it. This time, he beat it. He draped a long piece of toilet paper over the back of the toilet so that it blocked the bright red eye that detects when someone is moving. This brilliant maneuver worked. He shit in peace and when he was finished, he removed the long bridal veil piece of toilet paper from the back of the toilet, and it flushed. Man triumphs over the most advanced toilet technology.

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