Thursday, September 8, 2011

Barney Fife Impersonators

Did you know that there are Barney Fife impersonators? My friends told about one that appears around Southwest Virginia and East Tenn. I looked it up and there are several guys running around doing this. So if you want Barney Fife to appear at your next party, contact one of these guys:

Scott Epperson "Nationally-renown Barney Fife look-alike and impersonator, Scott Epperson, brings everyone’s favorite bumbling deputy to life so well you’ll swear he just stepped off the streets of Mayberry! From his 1962 Ford Galaxie Mayberry Squad car to the lone bullet he carries in his pocket (but takes pleasure in showing), Scott loves bringing good old Mayberry fun to crowds at various events all over the United States and Canada."

Sammy Sawyer "Impersonator, Humorist and Christian Speaker..."

Rik Roberts "Rik Roberts travels the country delivering his motivational speech based on The Andy Griffith show to Corporate Groups, Churches, Schools and everywhere in between. Relating memories of lesson-based episodes of the popular show to the world we live in today, Rik reminds us of the simple, important values that we've lost touch with in this digital world."

Jonathan Woodliff - "A guy who loves doing impressions and his share of comedy; Jonathan is the type of person who is liable to say anything—ANYTHING!!"

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