Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day-Heart Shaped Crap and Photo of a Realistic Heart Cake

It is odd that people give each other edible items that are heart shaped for Valentine's Day. I know the "heart" is a metaphor, but I really don't think it does anything but pump blood and stay sloppy. Love comes from the head, the loins and the stomach. The heart just pumps blood to service these areas which are the true sources of love. When people are handing out these sillly heart shaped items they even get the color wrong. Heart shaped goodies are always cotton candy pink or red-riding hood scarlet. The real colors of the heart are more industrial. At least this cake got it right.
But if you are a romantic that does believe the heart is the source of love, and you accept a frilly heart cake from your beloved, then in reality you are eating their heart. You are tearing their heart with your teeth and swallowing it. Didn't some tribes do that to their enemies? Are you eating their heart out so they can't live AND can't give it to anyone else?

These edible bleeding hearts by Cake artist Lily Vanilli are available for people to send to their Valentine this year.

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