Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seafood Sick

Last night my friends and I went to a fish place in Culpeper Virginia. Everything started out fine. I split an order of raw oysters with my friend and they tasted ok. Then I got a seafood stew that consisted of fish, scallops, shrimp, mussels and clams. I finished about 1/4 of it when I started to feel strangly full,  but I kept eating. By the time I finished half, I felt the way I do when I first start to get seasick. I just wanted to keep perfectly  still.

I NEVER got seasick my whole life until a few years ago. Steve and I went on a whale watch off Proviencetown (which we have done countless times before). Just after we saw the first humpback whale, I felt like I was going to puke. I went to the back and the boat and foolishly hung my head over the side. The wind whipped the orange lobster salad into my hair. After that, I was completely down for the count. There are benches at the back of the boat and I laid on one. I noticed another man on the opposite bench who was sick also. We said nothing to each other. He motioned with his two fingers for me to look at the ocean's horizon behind the boat like some kind of ghost indian guide that appears in movies. We still didn't speak. I tried this but it didn't work. I kept puking. At one time a whale came right up to the boat and as he came out of the water, I was hanging over the side. I'm sure I'm in some family pictures heaving up lobster salad as the majestic humpback breached on the port side. I have never been so miserable in my life. I knew I was trapped for hours on the boat. When we got back to Provincetown, I laid down flat on the pier and did one last grand puke over the side. This one turned out to be the biggest and the loudest in front of dozens of tourists.

Last night was not nearly so dramatic. We left and I keep my eyes closed tight during the car ride back. I know the gob of seafood puke was on the top of my stomach. But when I car ride was over, I could tell it had moved south. I even tried to puke in friends' bathroom, but had no luck. When it comes to puking, it's totally up to my body because I'm not one of those people that can make myself puke by sticking a finger down my throat. Although I really tried last night.

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