Thursday, November 17, 2011

70s Antics

So many odd stunts, settings, and characters you saw on 70s TV shows and movies that nobody does anymore:

-Going over Niagara Falls in a barrel
-A frantic search for a ring that eventually turns up in some baked   goods
-A car driving through the window of a store
-Any drama or comedy that takes place in amusement parks
-Somebody rolling down a street in a barrel
-Several people feeling the ground for a missing contact lens
-Pie in the face
-The color yellow
-Falling down manholes
-Jumping stuff with cars and motorcycles
-Ghost towns
-Disco rollerskating
-Underage kids attempting to buy alcohol
-Boys crashing in on the "baby-sitter girlfriend"
-Model volcanoes
-Sea monkeys
-Mexican jumping beans
-Stuff in barrels in general
-Talking on CBs
-Hoping for a genii/rubbing something to try and make a genii pop out
-Demolition derbys
-Comic gold prospecting
-A single actor playing twins
-No serious midgets (they only played clowns or jesters)
-Somebody pulling a flower out of their sleeve, a flower that shoots water, cup with holes so liquid would pour out onto clothes
-Fortune tellers
-TV movie of the week with a moral
-Impersonators (always doing John Wayne, Nixon, Johnny Carson)
-Dunking booths and kissing booths at carnivals
-People getting black eyes
-Trucker songs
-Giving moccasins as presents
-Boxers that spoke in rhyme
-Men dressing like women badly
-People taking trips on buses
-Keeping kidnapped people alive in underground boxes
-Story songs (Billy Jack, Billy Don't Be A Hero)
-White people playing Indians, wearing big feather headdresses and "talking indian" ("red man thank white man for coming")
-Variety shows
-People hitchhiking
-Kids with lemonade stands
-Not being able to afford meat and sugar (as seen in political comedy shows like Good Times and All In The Family)
-People getting stuck in phone booths
-Blind musicians
-After school specials

Please comment to this post and add more 70s antics!

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