Wednesday, August 31, 2011

4 Minute writing-The Medium with the Baby Foot

I have been reading about Houdini and mediums and automatic writing. I wonder if they did it like the surrealists, did they really put a pencil to page and let it spill? Or did they know who their mark was, just write gibberish with no backbone, and threw in the name "George" because that was the name of the mark's grandfather? I would love to live in a time were you could go to a real honest Victorian seance. According to Houdini, Browning was at a seance where the "spirit of his first child who had died as a miscarriage appeared." Some white like form appeared but it turned out to only be the bottom of the medium's foot waving around in the dark room. And Browning said they had not had any child or miscarriage or anything of the sort.

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