Friday, November 11, 2011

Penn State Should NOT Have a Vigil Tonight

I saw some talking head on CNN or CNBC last night that made an excellent point: What happened at Penn State is NOT a "sex scandal." A "sex scandal" is when a congressman is caught on tape coming out of a Budget Inn with a blond nail technician and a purple dildo sticking out of the pocket of his $3,000 suit.
But when someone sees a 10 year-old boy being sodomized by Jerry Sandusky, that is "rape" or "child molestation." NOT a "sex scandal." Why is this horrible situation being called a "sex scandal" like it was some kind of college prank?

And honestly I don't know what to call it when the assistant coach, the head coach, and the president of a university ALL know that a 10 year old boy was sodomized in the showers by Jerry Sandusky and NOBODY DID ANYTHING.

Penn State is planning a vigil for the victims tonight. The newly appointed university president, Rodney Erickson, said to CNN, "Healing cannot occur until we understand how responsibilities to these children failed and how we can prevent such tragedies in the future." 


HEALING???? Who is he talking about????

What the hell good is that supposed to do? As a survivor of child molestation, I can tell you that somebody throwing a vigil for me now is ludicrous. They say that a surprise party is really for the people giving the party, not for the person being honored. What do these people hope to accomplish with a vigil? It will make them all feel warm and sweet inside like they just swallowed a big wad of apple pie, make them feel better about themselves moving about the night with a candle. A vigil will not help that 10 year old boy who has been doomed to a life sentence of staring a horrible, slobbering creature in the face.

My suggestion is for everyone to stay home and watch reruns of American Idol because the time for action passed when that boy put on his clothes and went home that night, without a word being spoken.

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