Saturday, January 28, 2012

Exercise-Define the phrase "Refresh Tears"

Refresh tears-Definition- The little known Nazi scientific experiment. Their headquarters in a brick building on the Auschwitz compound. It is a little known fact that many citizens of Europe lost the ability to cry during WWII. The Nazis tried everything to force tears from them, but they remained dry. The Nazis believed there must be some gland that created tears (near the liver), and that "lesser" peoples such as gypsies, Jews,Slavs, homosexuals, blacks had a limited amount of tears in their lifetime. After so many tears, the gland would simply dry up and be useless. At the Auschwitz Tear Project, they cut open many humans in an attempt to find the tear gland. Special attention was paid to those who stepped off the train, were separated from their families, and didn't cry. These people were whisked to the Refresh Tears building. Some subjects were dead, some alive and awake when the Nazi doctors groped around their open torsos. The Nazis goal was to locate the gland and inject it with real human tears to see if it would reanimate. After cutting open hundreds of thousands, the Nazis only found a pear growing on heart of an old rabbi from Latvia. Dr. Snarlz found the pear at 1:23 PM 1945, cut it out and took a bite. He found the "Jew fruit" to be "bitter" according to the official records. It is said Dr. Snarlz became younger and was only a five year old boy kicking and screaming when he was was hung by a group of prisoners at the liberation of the camp.

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