Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Olympics

I was watching gymnastics the other day and thinking about how little those people are. It's not really fair to anyone over 5'4. There has to be someone out there that is a great gymnast who can't compete because they are 6 feet tall. One the other hand, there has to be some 5 foot tall guy who is a great basketball player, but he compete with the 6'7 guys.

So here is a solution - hold two Olympics: One for big people, and one for little people. The tall Olympics would be for anyone over 5'5. The short Olympics would be for anyone under 5'5 or shorter. Than everyone could compete in whatever event they wanted and it would be a fair shake for everyone. Then once all the medals were awarded, the winners of the short Olympics could play the winners of the big Olympics. Of course, this would be just a pure freak show, but sometimes we might be surprised, a short guy could beat a tall guy or the other way around.

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