Saturday, January 15, 2011

Flu Shot?

I'm debating on whether to get a flu shot. I'm suspicious of those things. It seems so gross that they are going to inject you with flu. It is bad enough that they are going to inject you with anything somebody cooked up in a lab. I have never had a flu shot, and I don't think I have gotten sicker than anyone else. In fact, I haven't had a full on puking flu in years. Maybe that's why I'm considering the shot. I guess I'm due a bad flu. Is it better to let them inject you with this manufactured crap, or is it better to get the flu and ride it out?

I hate needles too. I once had a dream that the word VACCINATION appeared in varicose veins on my thigh.

When I was a kid, I went to the worst doctor in the world. I got sick the last day of school in the third grade. I had a raging ear infection, bad fever, headache, puking. So I got taken to the doctor. I was already flipping out that I might have to have a shot. So after this doctor (who by the way looked like a big white jack rabbit, and his creepy old badger of a nurse) looked me over, they came back in with a huge needle full of penicillin. I was sitting on the table, and I swear to God that guy gave me the shot in the inside of my thigh about half way up my leg! It hurt so bad. I didn't move but started crying. I remember him saying, clear as day, "Now if you act stupid, I'll stick you again." When he pulled the needle out, my skin moved up with the motion of the needle. Blood spurted out, and as if this wasn't enough, the creepy old badger nurse came at me with this clear curvy, twisty plastic straw. She sucked the blood from the injection spot. I remember MY blood moving through that straw like it was yesterday. She had already taken blood from me by sticking me with the huge silver thing that she jabbed into my finger. So I don't know what the point was of sucking the blood from my thigh like a freak.

I had a friend who had cut her head and needed a couple of stitches. She SWEARS the jack rabbit doctor gave her a shot to numb her head IN HER TOE, then stitched her head with nothing to else the pain.

We had the best medicine in the Appalachians. Dame good thing we didn't have any of this socialized medicine nonsense.

So I'm no closer to making a decision on this shot question...but I think I'm leaning against it.

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