Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stink Bugs

My house is full of stink bugs. I don't know what these things are really called. They look prehistoric; they have a brown shell exterior and a pointy head. They are not very big, but it you kill one it releases this FOUL odor. A couple of times they have flown around my head and I've swatted at them, and they have sprayed me with this crap. It is so bad that when it happens I have to change clothes, take a shower and wash my hair.

I asked the exterminator that comes to our house a few times a year about these stink bugs and he said they only spray when you kill them: FALSE. He also said they are attracted to light colored houses. Our house is yellow. I never thought about bugs seeing colors. Their little faces and eyes seem too small to see anything. I guess I always assumed they had some kind of radar or something, like bats.

I wonder how intelligent bugs are? If the bug is larger, is it smarter? It seems a praying mantis or grasshopper would be smarter, than say, a mosquito. Everybody goes on about how dolphins have brains as big humans, or bigger. I know they are smart, but is it just because they have a big brain? Or is their something else? Birds are smart but they don't have big skulls. What about crocodiles? They are huge, but you don't hear about them being that smart.

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  1. I have also stink bugs to in our house they flew towards the light. I really hate their smell.