Friday, January 28, 2011

How Long Before We Resort To Cannibalism?

This week's snow storm makes me think about how fast it would take humans to step over the line to cannibalism. In the following blog, the author discusses cannibalism and WWII:

He deducts that it would take months before we went to cannibalism.

I don't agree with that assessment. In certain areas of the country, it could be a matter of days. It wouldn't be widespread at first, but if all McDonald's suddenly closed down and the public couldn't buy any meat, certain people would dig in. Now of course, this all depends on the type of emergency we have. If it was some tragedy that rendered many people dead, but their bodies were not polluted by some kind of toxin, not only would people start to dig in, they would start collecting bodies and refrigerating them. Only a few would do this in the beginning. But as word spread that a few enterprising Hannibal Lectors are "just trying to survive," it would be the craze. So in my estimation it would only be days for cannibalism to take hold of the few entrepreneurs; it would be widespread in a couple of weeks. People would see it as "survival." Now of course this is true. You must feed to survive. But the "entrepreneurial spirit" would justify it not only as a survivalist tool, but a way to get ahead and stay strong EVEN THOUGH they still had plenty of food.

In a matter of months, with no McDonald's and no meat available, the real enterprising Americans would start killing those that are weak for their meat. The rationale being that "they are going to die anyway, why not feed those of us who will live on." By this time, ironically, if you had not been eating human flesh and had no other food, you would be the weak. So isn't it only right that you die so that those who are stronger can carry on?

In WWII in the Ukraine I read somewhere that mothers would not let their children out of the house because they would be killed and eaten. I suppose the moral question I have about this is how hungry do you have to be before it is morally acceptable to become a entrepreneur? If you are on the verge of dying, is it OK to kill and eat a weaker human? Isn't that the "enterprising spirit"? Isn't that "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps"? Isn't that not "depending on a handout"?

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