Thursday, January 27, 2011

Night of the Snow Zombies

Yesterday, a snowstorm slammed the D.C. area. It started around 3:30PM and snowed in some places at a rate of 2 inches per hour. This storm collided with the millions of commuters who where just trying to get home to see American Idol. My husband, Steve, left Alexandria at 5:30PM and sat on the beltway for 6 hours. As he got close to the ramp that winds up to Route 66, a woman stopped her car right in front of him, got out and walked down 495 to talk to the police. She just stopped, turned off her car, and left it. No hazard lights, no concern if some miracle happened and people could actually move. In her mind, she was the only one that mattered on 495.

Steve finally got off the beltway and sat at Tysons Corner for several hours. Abandoned cars littered the roadways. People had run of gas, got stuck in the snow, had to go to the bathroom, or had just had enough. They walked along Route 123 like zombies even though there was no where for them to go. Once they were out of sight, Steve never saw them again. He heard stories about men and women going to the bathroom on the side of the road. One person posted on his Facebook page, "You better make your peace with God, because the night women are pissed on the side of 495 is the night of the Apocalypse."

Everyone completely lost their shit last night. Even though everybody heard a storm was coming, nobody was prepared. This all makes me ponder what would happen if we had a real emergency. What if we had some attack from some terrorists? What if they had a suitcase bomb and blew up part of D.C.? What if they poisoned the water? Hell, what if they just cut the electricity? I'm convinced that the people of D.C., Virginia, and Maryland would resort to cannibalism before the Jon Stewart Show comes on at 11:30PM. We are so soft. So unprepared for anything real.

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