Saturday, April 9, 2011

Creating An Army

I have been wondering what the owners of this country have to gain from creating an enormous, illiterate underclass. What will these people do? There are only so many jobs available to someone with a high school education or less. They will be a huge drain on the country's resources. They will have to be fed, housed and clothed. Than one of my friends enlightened me tonight. They are putting together an army! Of course, this will "get them out of poverty and give them a fighting chance." With a huge army, we can still play occupier around the world, and we might be able to really take over some oil countries. Free the poor Arabs from their horrible lives. We will have an army large enough to protect the Mexican border. Our great dumb army will protect the owners of the USA all around the world. The soldiers don't have to think, just follow and they will be taken care of. And if they ever decide they want to improve themselves they can go to the reading corps and it will be all paid for.
We will have to get out of our current wars first because no one whats to go to the Middle East now. We need to get everyone out and quiet it down. Let it rest. People will forget Then before you know it they will do something to piss us off, and we won't be able to send these dumb armies over fast enough. They will beg to go "over there." They will build Starbuck's, Burger King, and Bank of America. It will be an exciting life for them.Once in a while one or two might move up in the ranks. It will give them all something to dream about.

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