Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Slept So Hard I Can't See Straight

We finally got rid of our old mattress. Our old mattress was so ancient, it had sharp springs sticking out of it and stains from high school. It had gotten to the point where I woke up with terrible backaches and I flipped and flopped so much trying to get comfortable that I wore a hole in our 500 thread count sheets.
So last night was the first time on a new mattress. Our old mattress had gotten flat, so this new mattress made us feel like we were sleeping on the ceiling. I had a little trouble getting to sleep just because it was new, but once I feel asleep, I slept hard like a kid that had been at the carnival all day. Woke up and my back felt great and my body seemed straightened out in general. But there is one strange side effect: my vision was a little blurry this morning. It's like my eyes had to warm up like an old TV. Perhaps there is a sight muscle in the lower back and now that it is getting its proper rest it is lazy or something.

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