Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Notes on Great Pond, Wellfleet MASS, Cape Cod

Stairs leading down to Great Pond.

The first day it was raining and windy, but I entered all the same. I wanted to say hello. I wouldn't call Great Pond a friend because it is above attachments. I don't know if it has any concerns. After I got into its water, Great Pond was warmer than the air. I love the effect when the water is like a blanket. Great Pond doesn't care about me. But Great Pond would be just as content if I swam out to the middle, had a cramp, and drown.
This is the greatest secret of Great Pond: if you swim out to where you can't see the sand anymore, you will look down and see a light coming up from the bottom. It looks just like the light I always imagined you would see at the end of your death tunnel. The light you are supposed to go to. I never dreamed it would be underwater. I think this would be the perfect place to die.

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