Monday, August 29, 2011

Nasty Cold/Sinus Infection Experience-WATCH OUT

For the last few years, I have managed to get a sinus infection at the beginning of the fall. This year when I got the pressure at the base of my throat and the dizziness, I went to the doctor early and got an antibiotic. After taking the antibiotic for a day, my stomach got really upset. I finally went to the bathroom to puke and something new happened: I puked all this clear stuff. It turned out that the antibiotic made all the stuff from my sinuses drain into my stomach, so I puked up sinus drainage. I felt I needed to put this out there in case one of you has the same issue and thinks you are dying.

I have to thank the antibiotic gods because without them, they would have buried me long ago because of sinuses. Buried me head first. Or I would have killed myself. Shot myself in the head and instead of blood, all the clear sinus stuff would have sprayed the wall.

Good luck if you get THIS first cold of the season. Even after several days of heavenly intervention from the antibiotic gods, I still feel wrong.

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