Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Butterfly Gym Equipment Maker-3 Minute Writing To Clear My Head

Melt off the globe like a careless seamstress. Slide off the world like a butterfly gym equipment maker. Walk out of the scene like an actor who will never audition for a roller coaster. Just remember the pig will float if it has to. Remember the colors of each country are chosen for reasons that have nothing to do with nature or animal reason. You may be assigned cowardly yellow or snot green even if you didn't offend a soul waiting in the welfare line. Slime dolls are all the rage and it takes so long to make one with the proper creepy amount of algae. There are not enough crouton recipes in the magazines that count. There is more to life than dancing and nutritional value. Keep counting stars in your shit, even if the stars turn out to be corn, they can still tell the future of American warfare.

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