Wednesday, August 3, 2011

3 Minute Writing: Why All The Magazine Covers in Horse Country Look The Same and How We Are All Peasants

A fox, a courthouse, a racehorse, and a country lane with a bright red barn at the end of it. Every cover of every magazine looks like that here in the heart of horse country in Northern Virginia. Why don't they try something different to sell businesses. Like, why don't they have a naked man washing a horse. Everybody would pick that up by the corners. I would certainly look to see who had the balls to advertise in such a thing.
We are going to have to be a whole lot more creative if we are going to survive, that means all of us. I saw Al Sharpton on MSNBC talking about "his people." That is wrong thinking. We are ALL peasants in the eyes of the owners of this country. And we are ALL at the mercy of the owners of this country. At least for right now. People have to realize we are ALL in trouble, not black, not Hispanics, not crackers, all of us. We have to pull together and get our power back. Well, maybe we never really had it. Come to think of it, there have always been poor people and there have always been rich people in charge of everything. But the owners of the United States might want to remember that if you take away so much from people, that they don't have anything to lose. They may want to read a book about the French Revolution.

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