Monday, August 22, 2011

Fauquier County Unsolved Cold Case File-William Anthony Kagdis

On August 1st, 1982 at approximately 11:50 AM Sheriff’s deputies responded to the Johnson Motel located at 9533 James Madison Highway, Fauquier County, VA, on a report that a guest had been found deceased in his rented room.
Upon arrival at the Johnson Motel deputies were directed to room no.17 where they discovered the apparently dead body of a white male laying on one of the beds in the room. The victim was found lying face down in a large pool of blood. The room showed signs of a struggle having taken place.
The victim was identified as William Anthony Kagdis, an aeronautical engineer with NASA, who checked into the room at the Johnson Motel the evening before. An autopsy revealed Mr. Kagdis’ death was due to the numerous blunt force injuries he received to his head.
Mr. Kagdis had been traveling from his home in Baltimore, MD to Tennessee on business. He was known to be driving a white 1979 Volkswagen Rabbit station wagon with mirrors on the bumpers. The vehicle had a Maryland license plate number of EBX 304. The vehicle is believed to have been taken by the assailant after the attack and has never been recovered.
If you have any information about this murder, please contact the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office at 540-347-3300 (24 hours) or the Criminal Investigation Division at 540-347-6870.

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