Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bigfoot in Smythe County Virginia

This is NOT the quarry that lies between Chilhowie and Saltville.
Is is only a representative quarry.
 The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization had a meeting in Saltville, Virginia on Oct. 18th at Palmer Mill. The Animal Planet TV show, "Finding Bigfoot," will be investigating sightings around the Jefferson National Forest. Apparently, there are sasquatches in the Appalachian Mountains. I heard that the show is planning to film places that look "squatchy." If any of you have seen a sasquatche, please comment!

I used to go to the quarry which is between Chilhowie and Saltville, sit on the rocks and get high with my friends. Once, I was with a girlfriend sitting on the edge of the quarry in broad day light. A big hairy guy she knew from Saltville High School showed up and started talking to us. He threw a beer can in the quarry, pulled a BIG revolver out of his pants and shot at it right over our heads. He had really long hair and a beard. I don't know if this has anything to do with Bigfoot. But it was a sighting of some kind.

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