Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadhafi is Dead, So Long You Crazy Fuck

What will we do without Gadhafi? A poster boy for crazy dictators, he played the part so well with his costumes, hats, jewelry and coal black hair that looked blue at times.

I love the film of Gadhafi from a few months ago in a golf cart with an umbrella. It is my favorite wacky Gadhafi moment. What I can't figure out is the hat. It looks like something a guy in Maine would wear to hunt moose. He must have been in serious distress to make that fashion choice.

But the hat aside, this is a magnificent image. It harks back to the 70s when people seem to walk around twirling brightly colored umbrellas in unusual places. The golf cart and umbrella are a beautiful juxtaposition, and I love that everything is gray to somehow illustrate the seriousness of the matter. It's no accident that the umbrella is nearly the same color as the cart. I'm sure someone had to paint the golf cart or search all of North Africa for the right umbrella.

He had an amazingly long run for someone who was as bat shit crazy as he was. He took power before I was born, and I have watched him with wonder all my life. Goodbye Gadhafi, you crazy fuck.

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