Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Poem created from blog spam

I just filled in a few holes and changed some verbs tenses. It was an ad for ambien:

Getting an escalate objection
to gloaming catnap are people of the most candid
direct attention to our tale as our percipient.
Aggregation both the qualification, the apt submit
to be too large to be proper. Absolve personality.
In today arabesque decidedly upon a duration,
disquisition in to a righteousness cimmerian
downcast outshine up is more discrete
than perpetually instead of the behalf of sentry
or someone's well-being and without sorrow fully buy cheap ambien.
Your forcefulness across annulment that nod demented deprivation
is not an obstinate substance but it is fake. It can outclass
an amassment of physiological understanding that is counter-productive
to your fettle and can abate your inclusive function.
Learn more widespread drowse deprivation, its prime mover, at arise and cure.

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