Friday, June 10, 2011

Concentrated Ground - 10 Minute Writing Exercise

The body is concentrated ground and you don't have to be a Catholic to enjoy the benefits of crosses and holy blood and Hawthorne. I have salted the ground where I first met certain assholes. I took the Morton's salt out of my mom's kitchen and poured it out along our driveway. This ended the despise I felt temporarily. I felt I had taken the matter into my hands, I had control in a witchy way and there was nothing anyone could do to stop me. When they salt the ground in Eastern Europe for vampires and such, I wonder if they use regular table salt or if there is some special salt? It is physically different? Does it come from some secret salt mine? Or is it table salt that a priest or witch has blessed? Perhaps they have salts for different strengths or purposes. Little bottles lining kitchen window with dirty cork stoppers, all filled with salt. They sit beside the herbs planted in pint sized mile cartons.

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