Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Casey Anthony Anger

Just as the jury started to deliberate the case, tourists started popping up where two year old Caylee Anthony's body was found. They left flowers, flags, stuffed animals and took photos of themselves at the crime scene.

There is nothing new about this. We Americans have a long history of this sort of fascination with murder. When the bodies of Bonnie and Clyde were wheeled through town, people dipped handkerchiefs into their blood for souvenirs.

What I have never seen in a murder case like this is the anger. EVERYWHERE I go, the bank, grocery store, gas station, women are talking about this. It is always WOMEN talking about it, and they are not just talking about it; there is a strange desperate aggravated tone in their voice. Two women were going on about it in the bank so loudly, it sounded like they were going to come to blows even though they were saying the same thing.

I have a theory (I have to preface this by saying that I don't have any children). I believe this Casey Anthony thing has touched a REALLY sensitive nerve that "good mothers" would never say out loud: they have thought of being free from their children (not that they have thought about murdering their children to get free, but just somehow being free). I told this theory to a friend of mine who does have children and she agreed. Raising kids is hard work and what woman HASN'T fantasized about being free from this enormous responsibility from time to time. I don't think some women even realize that these thoughts drift through their heads because these thoughts are so outlandish, so hateful, so selfish, but Casey Anthony has made all this guilt shoot to the surface.

The tone of these women reminds me of the "very straight men" who go on and on about hating gay men. There is a self-hating gay part of these men that they have to flog publicly to PROVE they are NOT gay. Otherwise, whey are they so obsessed?

So in order to PROVE they ARE good mothers that have NEVER dreamed about being free from the responsibility of children, they have to protest "that slut" Casey Anthony as loudly as they can.

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