Friday, July 15, 2011

The Color White

I have never been comfortable with the color White. It is the color of wedding dresses, nurses, purity. White is snobbish. I can't relate to it. If you wear it, it gets dirty so fast. But of course this is YOUR fault, NOT White's fault. Nobody blames White for NOT hiding dirt well.

Then of  course there is White skin. What fucking problems that has caused!

White in it's purest, cleanest and best form is the white of the sheets hung out to dry between buildings in Eastern Europe. They are so clean they are almost reflective. And if you are standing in the right place below them, you can actually smell the clean tumble down the narrow streets. I imagine these women stirring up some special brew that they only use to wash sheets. Airing these clean sheets seems like a sport. This is the only instance I can think of when white has been attained, deserved. But 99% of the time White believes it is superior to all other colors. It has no personality. It has made up it's mind and it never thinks. White has it SO EASY.

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