Monday, May 23, 2011

Anonymous Appalachians-AA-10 Minute Writing Exercise

Anonymous Appalachians-10 Minute Writing Exercise:
Anonymous Appalachians (the AA) are the scariest people on earth because, unlike other groups with names, they really don't want to be seen or heard. When they strike, it is fast and on target. You never know what cause they may take up. But be assured that when they collectively make up their minds, they will accomplish anything be it legal, illegal, cannibalistic, mystic. It will be quiet. They will take off their shoes and wear soft gardening gloves. You won't hear them coming, but one day you will notice something spectacular about your life, or you will miss something you never knew you loved. You can't prove anything was stolen from your brain pantry. And there will be no law to call. Nobody can help. You will just feel eyes. They are not good or evil, but they do fight for fairness and balance in hollows. Nobody ever talks about them and I'm taking a big risk here. But if I'm supposed to survive, I figure they know best.

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