Saturday, May 21, 2011

Paying Bills

I love the feeling of paying all the bills. I feel clean. It makes me want to clean out more corners. Every month when I pay bills, I want to clean the house, throw things away that we never use. Empty the basement,closets and shelves of junk. It would feel so good. All this piled up junk stands between me and true cleanliness. I don't think you can truly have a clean soul unless your physical space is clean. I have only really accomplished this a couple of times in my life. It didn't last long.
I believe the clean wish is the same as the losing weight wish to a lot of women: "If I could only loose 50 pounds or clean out the garage and basement..." Both of these desires are interchangeable on some level. I would love to have an empty space to make sparkle. But it's getting to the empty space, like getting the weight off and getting down to the bones. You have a new chance. Once you are devoid of boxes and pounds, you can take on the anything. THEN you can start living your life. I think so many of us are waiting for our lives to start.

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