Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Instance"- 3 Minute Writing Exercise

Instance is a clinical term for time. When there is an instance of an event, it is a disease on the clock.
"There are more instances of cancer where apple orchards used to be."

Instant is such an adorable word so closely related, and so much more loved. Everything that can be done in an instant is generally good. Cooking is done in an instant. Instant rice, grits, pancakes and such. An instant is as long as any of us can wait anymore.

The word dismiss in a close cousin to those words also. All three words taste like a yellow moon pie. Dismiss tastes the best of all. I have never thought about it in a miltary sense. It is a word that has always meant "official" freedom. Bells ringing. Going. Changing wheather you want to or not. No clinging.  It's being where you have to be then walking through the doorway. Halfway through the doorway, you taste that fresh moon pie. So strong, its fragrance goes up your nose. All these words are time keepers.

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