Friday, May 6, 2011

"Crumble" - 5 Minute Writing Exercise

It would be simple to file it under the food category, but I think that's too simplistic. It's ancient ruins. When we visited Mycenae, we actually walked on pottery. It took out weight but it crumbled a little. The crumble was all around us. It was just more visible in Greece. Greece is it's poster child. We are the very definition of crumble. When something has crumbled, you can't fixed it. Crumble is a slow degradation with microscopic pieces, or worse, just dust. There is no gluing it back on to your life. You can't even fixed a crumbled cookie. You might have a chance if it's broken. Just broken might be only two pieces to deal with. But crumble is ancient Greece, Egypt, ancient texts, beliefs. Crumble is so much more effective than "break" because crumble happens so slowly, quietly, you don't know it.

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