Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spirit - 10 Minute Writing Exercise

The word spirit has always tasted like gum to me. I don't think it because the word "spirit" and "spearmint" are so similar. The word spirit would taste like gum regardless. Green gum. Small rectangle piece of green gum. The word spirit is also clean. It has no attachments, no worries, no feelings. It just is. It exists I imagine a spirit glowing in the dark and running/floating between trees. Fireflies are very close to spirits. Of course, they are tiny. Spirits are larger, gingerbread man shaped. Now if there was a glowing blob moving in the trees, that would be a phantom. If it moved slowly and had see-through human features it would be a ghost.
I like the word spirit when used about alcohol although I never quite understood it. Is there a spirit attached to it? Does it give you a certain spirit if you drink it?

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