Monday, May 16, 2011

Serial Killers on Cape Cod?

Serial Killers on Cape Cod?

Notes from the Outer Cape...

Cape Cod is hypnotic with its constant tides and wind. I believe it is more peaceful here then in the woods of Southwest Virginia. Perhaps because I believe someone will come charging out of the woods with an axe and kill me there. I don't fears serial killers on Cape Cod. It seems so unlikely a place to be decapitated or to discover random body parts thrown around. I suppose this is completely illogical on my part because it would be easy to get rid of a body on Cape Cod. I don't know all the ins and outs a fisherman would, but it seems you could just drag a body to the ocean and roll it in. Or better yet, if you are a fisherman, you could take a body out on the boat with you, and dump it in the ocean, maybe tie something mildly heavy to it to keep it from floating. The waters are teaming with life. A corpse would be gobbled up in no time. For that matter, if you are one of those fishermen who have the cold chambers on your boat, like sword fishermen do, you could take someone out on the boat with you and kill them in the ocean at the remote location of your choosing at just the right moment. So simple. Even someone like me, who loves and respects the natural ways of the Outer Cape, but is ignorant of them, even I could learn quickly the best way to dispose of a body here. The catch is I would have to look it all up on the Internet. There is nobody to ask. The natives are friendly enough, but even the most hardened New Englander squinting in the sun as he does magican's tricks with ropes and star navigation just doesn't seem interested in murder. People on the Cape don't appear to have any reason to kill each other.
At home in Southwest Virginia, people talk about how they would kill somebody all the time. Another favorite conversation topic is what to do with a dead body if presented with one, from your best friend or a family member. What if THEY killed someone and, for whatever reason, you had to help dispose of the body?
The oyster men with wooden rakes scraping the beach seem so calm. But I bet when one of these guys goes bad, it is off the charts of serial killer measurement. Is there a study?

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