Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tongue-10 Minute Writing

They say it's a muscle. I say it is another entity connected to our body that has its own brain. Maybe something left over from when aliens created us. Notice when you move your tongue, it's automatic. You just eat. Your tongue just knows to run over your teeth or keep fucking with that sore on the roof of your mouth so it won't heal. Of course, the tongue’s sexual uses are legendary. There is nothing like a tongue, nothing to compare it to. I know it is mentioned frequently in poems and sayings, but there is nothing really like it. Maybe there is something internal that really looks like a tongue, something only students of anatomy know of.
The only time you REALLY get to see a tongue is in the meat counter. Cow tongue for sale. I have never known anyone that has eaten a cow’s tongue. I have never seen it on the menu of any restaurant. Maybe people don’t eat it at all. Maybe they buy it for witchcraft or to make some kind of homemade medicine.

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