Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weiner, Weiner....

I'm not a hypocrite. My rule of thumb about a sex scandal is if no children or animals were used in the making of the sex and if all involved were consenting adults, it's not my fucking business. I don't care if someone is democratic or republican. However, I must add that it really pisses me when those "pro-family" right-wing republican scumbags do this shit, like Senator Wide Stance (Larry Craig -R-Idaho),  or Governor Naked Hiker (South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford). But I stick to my rule.

We have a long line of house and senate scumbags that have been caught in stupid sex scandals. This one is no different, except the Weiner thing takes it to a new level of creepy. There is something creepy about wanting to send naked photos of yourself over the Internet, whether you know the person receiving them or not. But one could argue it is a "lesser" sex scandal because no sex was had. Technically, no laws were broken.

The real problem I have with Weiner is that HE WAS SENDING NAKED PHOTOS OF HIMSELF OVER THE INTERNET AND HE WAS IN CONGRESS. He had to know that at some point he would be caught. Even if this is something you enjoy doing from time to time, don't you think it would have been smart to stop sending naked photos of yourself while you were in office? Couldn't he refrain? I think because of this he is either too stupid or too mentally unstable to be elected dog catcher, much less to Congress.

It's the lie that gets them in the end (so to speak). If Weiner hadn't been such a dick to the press and had just come out and admitted that he fucked up, I think he would have been OK. He could have gone on the apology tour and maybe even gained ground helping other people with the kind of problem he has, whatever that may be.

No matter how distasteful this Weiner thing is, I can't believe America has forgotten those people who have completely fucked up our economy. Not one person has done a day in jail for the mortgage scandal. They are STILL sitting on their yachts and floating in their golden parachutes when they should be hanging from the Washington Monument as a warning to other greedy assholes.

I guess all any of us can do is grab a pitchfork and chase after Weiner. Crack open a beer and watch the Weiner circus. Wait for the women who will come forward and make the talk show circuit and get way too much celebrity from just getting a photo of a Weiner.

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