Thursday, June 16, 2011

Morning "News" Shows Make Me Want To Puke On A Bluebird-10 Minute Writing

I have never understood morning shows. They sort of act like news, but the sets are different. They are brighter and may include seasonal flowers. Many times, anchors and guests are seated in a circle. As if sitting in a circle is more friendly, more inviting. All the anchors drink from brightly colored coffee mugs. You don't see people on TV drinking from brightly colored coffee mugs at any other time of the day. Actually, they really are not "anchors." Are they? Isn't that term reserved for people who read the news? Maybe these morning TV people are hosts. I think that's a better term. And their banter is gagging, that cutesy back and forth peppered with light hearted jokes fit only for 3 year-olds. Do they think the American public is completely stupid in the morning? It's just morning. We are waking up, but we don't need to wear helmets or anything. And no matter what morning show you are watching, there is always somebody standing in front of a map doing the weather. The national weather. It's a full body shot and no matter what is happening (floods, tornadoes, blizzards) they wrap up the weather with a quip.
And cooking. What the fuck is up with cooking in the morning? It is hard to take a morning host seriously who is trying to tell you about a horrible car crash when you have just seen them stand by gawking as someone whipped up an orange angel food cake.

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