Monday, June 27, 2011

Asteroid Comes Close To Our Ass!

This morning a 33 foot long asteroid came within 7,500 miles of earth. It passed over the Atlantic Ocean. This asteroid is named 2011 MD. Who the hell names these things? That is such a stupid name. I don't know what the impact of a 33 foot long asteroid hitting the Atlantic Ocean would have, but why not name it accordingly? So if it would cause high waves, but not really screw anything up, why not name it "Surfer Rock"? If it was more serious and would cause a bunch of people to be without water for a month, let's call it "Thirsty 30 Days."
They say it was closer to the earth than the moon. The moon seems pretty fucking far away to me, but I'm sure in space measurements, this thing almost flew up our collective asses.

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